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Tv-optagelse fra Tivoli | © STV
Tv-optagelse fra Tivoli, STV

The creation and accessibility of art, knowledge and entertainment are of major importance to every community. If artists and cultural producers should create content, it is a prerequisite that they are paid for their work and effort. If the content is to create value, it is a prerequisite that the content is made available to the population. Copydan KulturPlus is engaged in both prerequisites for art, knowledge, and entertainment.

Copydan KulturPlus is a non-profit association founded and managed by artists, cultural producers in the TV, music, and film industry. The association is approved by the Danish Ministry of Culture as a joint organisation for right holders such as actors, TV producers, scriptwriters, music companies, film directors, journalists, film producers, production designers, musicians, camera-men, artists, authors, and animators. Copydan KulturPlus handles copyright, etc., on behalf of the right holders and ensures that levies are paid when media that can be used for private copying are sold.

Fees paid through the scheme provide compensation to artists and cultural producers for their loss relating to lawful private copying of music, TV, and films. The area in which Copydan KulturPlus operates is regulated by the Danish Copyright Act and various EU Directives and international treaties. The Danish Copyright Act encourages artists, cultural producers, and other right holders to work together to pursue their artistic activities for the distribution of art, knowledge, and entertainment. This is the reason why right holders within numerous different trade groups in approximately 30 trade unions established the organisation Copydan KulturPlus in 1992. The right holders' trade unions are members of the Copydan KulturPlus organisation and look after the interests of all right holders on equal terms, i.e. members as well as non-members of the unions.